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The pinworm, otherwise known as the threadworm or seatworm, is a parasite that attaches to the intenstines of humans, particularly children. There are 3 defined species of pinworms.
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Picture Of Pinworms

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Pinwormic. tures

BB says:

Prudence I hope someone got back to you. Please go to the doctor. You don't need to go with your parents. You can speak to a doctor - the treatment will be provided. Otherwise please try these but please I recommend you go to the doctor. You don't need to describe everything if its embarrassing - just be determined and say you know its threadworms/pinworms. Here are some remedies in the meantime

Mike says:

Is there some place online to send photos for identification please?

needelpin says:

enjoy the needles they use to stick into your anus

prudence mahloko says:

i have had pin worms since I was very young, they sometimes got out of my virgina especially during the night ,evn now they are still inside of me and am 14yrs old.When I tell my parents they think that am joking, and that hurts me the most.So I just need to know what am supposed to do naturally without going to the docter?

David Garcia says:

I have pinworm had for couple months been itching a lot its annoying after u start stracking in it now I have the medicine called pin drink it the whole bottle give it time and u feel ur stomach its getting weird and start pooping but I wanna know is it working am I getting the pinworms out after I am going to restroom

max says:

Hey I am 14 and think I have pin worm this weaid white thing I saw drawing around and it itches a lot but don't know how to tell my,mom but can you die from it

jennifer says:

I have a question when go to get help for what ever. Things are an the doctor don't believe you. Then what do.because the person I'm seeing went to six doctors so if anyone has an answer please give me the name of what. Tipe of doctor I should see.

Alan says:


phasa says:

i see it when i'm in toilet please help me how to treatment

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